Rocky Mountain Endurance Racers we here at RME Headquarters are anxiously awaiting your arrival to Breckenridge for the  big event this weekend.  We, like all of you, get that excited energy that comes with every race!  A little bit of nerves, high expectations, and confidence in all the preparation makes for a pre-race buzz for us too.

We get it!

One thing at the forefront of our mind going into the weekend is that everyone has a positive experience.  No matter your distance/catagory/age/gender/team.  We don’t want anyone to go home having been forced off the trail because someone else didn’t have the manners to request a safe polite passage.  All our registered racers received the words of RME Founder and Race Director, Thane Wright:

…some of the B-100 competitors will be overtaken by the shorter distance racers.  And when they are, repeat after me with all the love and courtesy you possess: “Nice job, you’re looking good, keep it rolling”, and give them a wide berth.  They are racing a hundred miles of very very difficult terrain!!  Let us honor these courageous individuals.

Thane, is a huge proponent of good sportsmanship.  He’s a speedy racer himself, who has the respect to encourage others along the course when he’s racing too.  One of our RME Series season pass holders, Sean said it well:

I often marvel at myself and others who offer words of encouragement to our rivals and fellow racers. This is truly a sport that is competitive and supportive.  No matter the rivalries we all seem to be able to treat each other with respect and admiration.  I don’t know of another sport that this environment exists.

It is interesting how a simple dirt path and loose rocks offer perspective on the often crazy lives that we live.

We couldn’t agree more.

We know that it’s easy to get wrapped up in your performance, position, and rivals in a big mix of sub-races happening out there on the trail.  We also know it goes both way and everyone passes and gets passed at some point in the game.  We just ask that the interactions in your races this weekend are full of upstanding sportsmanship.  High fives, good games, and “You look good”s are highly encouraged!

We can’t wait to have a uber good event with all our racers, sponsors and crew – because really, we’re hanging with our friends!