The weather is changing and getting cooler and you may find you are jumping into your “shoulder season” habits. Your shoulders and neck are and getting stiffer and less supple as the days pass and the weather drops. Now that summer riding season is coming to an end , you may be training less or riding only on  a recreational level. Winter is the perfect time to work on your core, mobility, and overall suppleness. These 5 yoga for biking tricks will keep your body and mind primed and ready for your next season so you can come back refreshed and balanced for summer race season.

Using Yoga for Bikers to Help Ride in the Changing Season

Set an Intention

Decide what you want to focus on in your body and have an intention to reaching that goal. Is it body awareness or increased core strength to keep you on the trails? You can do this for every yoga session, weekly or monthly. Even if you aren’t training for anything yet – it’s good to have a goal in mind to get you into a routine. Just like any kind of training.

Practice Yoga Everyday

Do a little yoga everyday. Be it a sun salute at home, one of my yoga videos or a class near you, consistency is the key to creating change and more flexibility in your body. This 4 minute Video is a great intro to what postures to incorporate into your yoga routine.

Yoga for Biking


Incorporate standing on both feet – when you are standing at any point in the day. I know this sounds simple – however so many imbalances can come from simple actions we do ALL THE TIME.

Yoga for BikingTwist it Out

Twist when you wake up and twist when you go to bed. Great for you digestive system and back.

Yoga for BikingOpen Up

Open up your heart and chest everyday – if you ride, the space in between your shoulder blades tends to get adaptively lengthened, which leads to bad posture and knots in your shoulders. In this interim season, bring balance back into your posture with simple movement like interlacing your hands behind your back, rolling your shoulders, and coming into poses like cobra.

Post provided by Christina McGrath and Swell Fit Living. Christina hails from Breckenridge, Colorado and is best described as a yogi-athlete-wellness advocate with a healthy addiction to all things outdoors. You can check out more of Christina’s tips by visiting or by subscribing to the Warrior’s Cycling Newsletter.

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