New Years Resolutions

What would you like to accomplish in 2017? Whether you want to lose weight through cycling, compete in your first mountain bike race or save up enough money to buy a new bike, these 5 tips will help you set you follow through on your New Year’s resolution.

New Years resolution

Make a Plan for Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolution

The reason a lot of resolutions fail is because of lack of planning.  Plan today to make small steps to achieve your goals with a specific dates and milestones to meet.  I recommend spending a good 30 minutes on setting a date to start and achieve your goal.  Getting a plan in place will not only keep you on track, but help you visualize how you will feel once you have met your New Year’s resolution goals.

Set Specific, Measurable Goals

Let’s say your goal to is to lose 5 kg by February and keep it off, so you feel good and can ride faster. Set yourself up for success by having a group, coach or a partner that helps set up a healthy clean eating program. Make sure you ride your bike bike 5 times and week and start a home yoga practice to manage stress. By setting specific goals and laying out how you plan to accomplish them, you can better track your success and give yourself more accountability.

biking goals

Visualize Success

Write down why you want to accomplish your New Year’s resolution.  Don’t stop at “I want to win this race or finish with a certain time”, but  literally write down why you want to do it.  Will it provide you with more confidence in your life, expand your riding career, help you stick to a training plan so you continue to excel in your health goals? Spend at least an hour answering “Why?” and visualize how you want to feel and look once you have accomplished your goals.

Work Towards Your New Year’s Resolution Goals Every Single Day

Focus on the task at hand. What small step can you do everyday to work toward your goal? Write down your small victories so you can stay motivated. One thing we all find challenging is that when you do miss that one ride– you feel guilty, give up or say ok “I’ll start again next week when I have more time.”  Work towards your New Year’s resolution in simple small steps every day in order to achieve your lifetime goal.  Occasionally you will eat that cake, have a beer, miss a workout, or sleep in – that’s life!  Just remember it’s not about what you miss, it’s how you recover and how you treat yourself with love and compassion that matters.

bike team

Surround Yourself With Support

Be determined to seek out people and friends that will support your efforts.  Be part of a group that is working toward the same goal and will keep you accountable.  Have you ever heard that you are the sum of the three people you are around the most?  If you want to be stronger, faster or fitter – hang around people who embody these qualities!  Join a group in your community, online, or meet new people on a retreat.  Just get out into it.

Bonus tip:

Make a 90- day goal. It’s easy to see and achieve that goal when given that amount of time. It’s been shown to be the epic number when setting goals. Then allocate 2-week blocks of time completing projects to reach that goal. Each small project completed will give you a sense of accomplishment and the momentum to keep you moving forward.

Love to help you make these goals a reality with one on one coaching packages or group programs. Just call me today to see what fits your 2017 goals – It’s time to make a change to be the fittest you ever.


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