Spring training tips

Here are three training tips for the Warriors Cycling spring races.  The Ridgeline Rampage and Battle the Bear are fast races, but also have many short punchy climbs that require short bursts of power.  The races are also long enough that nutrition may fail you if you haven’t planned accordingly.  Here are some tips to help you ride to a successful event.

spring training tips

Pick up the intensity.

You should be riding 1-2 days a week with high intensity for 1-2 hrs depending on your event distance.  High intensity intervals with the duration of 1-4 minutes with rest of the same duration.   The high intensity days should be separated by rest or easy days.  Other days should include endurance and tempo  or shorter threshold pace.  Total time during the week should be 8-12 hrs depending on your event.

spring training tips

Dial in your nutrition.

During your training you should be practicing your race day nutrition.  To many people fail in their event because of poor race day nutrition planning and execution.  Practicing your nutrition and being comfortable with it ahead of your race will lead to a successful event.

spring training tips

Taper the week before the event.

You should reduce your intensity and duration by about 50% in the week leading to your event.  The day before your event you should do 4-5 1 min high intensity intervals to stimulate the lactic system.

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