While our cars are still being snowed in, it’s the perfect time to grab your bike! Head to the local market for groceries, ride on a trail with your fattest of tires, or cozy up at home with an indoor regimen. No matter how you power through this winter, gear up for our four races this year. Set personal goals for distance, speed, and various other measures that can help you reach realistic milestones. Consult a coach or trainer. Assess your strengths, stay accountable, discuss … [Read more...]

Registrations  Open! Rocky Mountain Endurance Series will determine the USAC XC State Champions. Breckenridge 100 is a Pillar event in the National Ultra Series (NUE). Our newest race, Peninsula Jam, introduced last year, will be the third and final race in the RME series.            Are we internet friends yet? Our newsletter and social media are back for another year, better than ever! View our January Newsletter here where we've compiled our recent updates - including race … [Read more...]

It’s January and you have big goals for this race season!  Maybe you are targeting the Breck 100 Ultra, the RME State Championship Series or your first XC race.  Regardless of your goal you want to start training now.  The first RME race is in early May and that may seem like a long way off, but starting now will get you prepared to nail your goals and come away satisfied with your result.   Deciding where to start in your training program is determined by your fitness level.  The worst thing … [Read more...]

Photo by Tomek Kaczmarek on Unsplash What happens to our bodies when we ride and race at high altitudes? If your coach has not prepared you for high altitude bike racing, then knowing the effects of altitude can help you with race day preparation. The effects of high altitude are well known and considerable. After our bodies reach around 7,000 feet above sea level, the saturation of oxyhemoglobin begins to plummet, this is known as hypoxia. While the Breckenridge 100 race begins at 9600 ft and … [Read more...]

We've cross referenced all the global climate models and forecasts, and have determined that it is almost a near impossibility for the race to get snowed out on our lucky third try.  So we're going to throw a summer pool party disguised as a bike race! Sunday July 16th it is. Stay tuned for all the juicy details. … [Read more...]