The Rocky Mountain Endurance Series jumped off the line this weekend like it had a race to win. As did some 650+ riders. For, what's considered an early season race, Pueblo in April felt a bit like Albuqueque in July. Racers and participants alike had a blazing hot start to the season and what appeared to be a very enjoyable time. The energy of the race was one of anticipation and eagerness to get the season up and rolling. Another year to test limits, strive toward goals and attain … [Read more...]

Anticipation and low clouds settled over the start Saturday morning April 23rd as racers from the region gathered below the dam at Lake Pueblo to kick off the new RME Series.  Some had made the 2-hour trip from Denver previously to scout the trail system they’d heard about, while others were going in blind - except for the You Tube clips that had been watched.  Questions lingered in the air like the low cloud level that hung ominously above. What was this terrain like?  How is my fitness? Could … [Read more...]