Battle the Bear Course Map

2013 Battle the Bear Mt Carbon Summit
Mt. Carbon Summit!

The Start/Finish will take place at Pelican Point. The Pit Zone will be intimately set up there as well for great spectating. The fast 11.5-mile loop that encircles Bear Creek Lake Park favors a taste for speed, with five short punchy climbs and rolling big ring single-track.  About 900 vertical per lap.

There is no neutral start, it will be category interval start waves with full gas from the line.

Tire sealant is highly recommended!
Choose wisely where to pass as goat heads are prevalent.

You may encounter other users wandering on course so please be aware and practice good sportsmanship so we can continue this tradition.

Pit Zone:

There will be an Aid Station every ten miles at the Pit Zone when you lap through – stocked with Kind Bars, Honey Stingers, fruit, and coolers of Nuun fuel and water. You must stop to fill your own bottles.  The course will lap through the Pit Zone where you can set up tents and stage food and supplies.

Junior Race Information:

10-12 category – start at 1:00
Boys and girls start together.
Approximately 6 miles, half lap. Just before you start up the dam hill on north side of course, you will cross the paved road and follow the asphalt service road that parallels the dam, then merge back onto the course and finish your lap. Look for arrow sign that says “Juniors 11-12 only”

13-14 category – start at 1:15
Boys and girls start together.
10 miles, one lap.

Junior Boys 15-16 & 17-18 – start at 1:30
Junior Girls 15-16 & 17-18 – start at 1:31
20 miles, two laps.

2013 Battle the Bear Creek Crossing
Creek Crossing

Juniors can ‘race up in age’, meaning if they want to do a longer distance than their actual racing age category, they can enter into the age category above them. For example a rippin’ 9 year old can race in the 10-12 year old race. Or an elite 17 year old can race in the XC 19-29 race.