With 3 uniquely different cloverleaf loops leaving from Carter Park in Breckenridge, you will be treated to amazing trails and scenery in the Colorado high country for the entire 100 miles.

Course Description:

Aid stations and medical coverage will support racers during the event. Carter park will be event headquarters, where the cloverleaf style loops converge, and team riders’ exchange.

Ultra 100 Racers ride Loops 1, 2, and 3.

B-68 and B-32 competitors will proceed under a neutral start from the Steven C. Ice Arena up Boreas Pass Road to Baldy Mt. Road to Sally Barber Road to begin loop 2.

B-68 Racers ride Loops 2 and 3.

B-32 Racers ride Loop 2.

Loop Maps:

Breckenridge Town Map

Course GPS Routes:

Aid Stations:

Aid will be provided on course (see course maps and descriptions), about every 10 miles, stocked with water, Hammer Heed hydration drink, Hammer Gels, Honey Stinger Chews, and Waffles, Kate’s Real Food Bars, KIND Bars, almond butter and honey sandwiches, bananas, oranges. You can also leave Drop Bags for transport to a particular aid station. You must leave these in the Carter Park aid bag drop zone on Saturday morning by 8am.

Course Marking:

The course is marked so you can follow it. Orange and black arrows will guide you. Always use common sense and some navigation skills of your own. The basic rule of thumb is do not turn unless instructed to do so. Keep your eyes up and be looking for signage. If you are confused, follow the tracks of those in front of you. Familiarize yourself with the course and have a good sense of where you’re going before race day. Print off the course description and take it with you.  Wait for someone who knows the route. Take responsibility for yourself and do not let yourself go awry!

Time cut-offs:

Josh Tostado
Josh Tostado with plenty of time to kill on Boreas summit

There will be a time cut-off checkpoint at the summit of Boreas Pass. All racers must get over Boreas Pass by 4:15pm to complete loop 3. Racers not reaching this checkpoint by 4:00 pm will be turned around, thus not completing the race.  There will be a broom wagon returning from Como – Aid #7 – at 6:00 pm.  If you haven’t reached Boreas Pass on your return leg by the time broom wagon reaches you, you will be picked up and your race will be thankfully over.

All racers must complete their conquest before Saturday evening at 7:15 pm.