Course Description

Ridgeline Rampage Pike's Peak View
Under the Shadow of Pikes

This newly designed and demanding  ~12 mile loop runs counter-clockwise this year with ~1,100′ of elevation gain per lap.  The 4′-wide trail offers ample passing opportunities. Linking together the new Phillip S Miller Trails and the existing  Ridgeline Open Space Trail System, this spectacular course offers panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the town of Castle Rock below to the east. Fast punchy hills, green oak, and pinyon pine provide an exciting landscape to race through.

Marathon competitors will complete four laps, XC competitors race two or three depending on their USAC category.  Juniors ride approximately 7-24 miles depending on age.  Racers leave the start at the MAC and proceed over the new pedestrian bridge crossing Wolfsenberger Rd to the existing Ridgeline Course, then back again to the new Phillip S Miller Park trails.

Pit Zone, Aid Station:

Aid Station and Racer Pit Zone area which riders will pass through on each lap will be stocked with gels, energy bars, fruit, sandwiches, and coolers of Hydration fluid and water. The course will lap through here where you can set up tents and stage food and equipment.