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2013 Battle the Bear Mt Carbon Summit
Mt. Carbon Summit


Frisco Adventure Park

Course description:

Start/Finish is at Frisco Day Lodge at the Adventure Park.
Course is approximately 8.25 miles in length and runs clockwise. Just under 800 vertical per lap.
Leave Start/Finish at Day Lodge and head north on double track road with wood chips past horse barns and maintenance buildings. Bear left at first two intersections, then turn right and circle up and back south and cross paved Peninsula Road.  Begin steep singletrack climb up Balfonz Blitz and continue north on Jody’s Loop. Ride along the top of ridge for about a mile and then as you start to descend, turn sharp left at the intersection of Switchback trail and descend steeply down to campground road.  This is the steepest descent of the course. Exit Switchback trail and turn right, riding north, past campground next to paved road and continue climbing north on Olympians Link. At top of Olympian’s climb, continue gradual climb on double track Crown Point Rd. Wind back up south almost to top of Crown Point Rd, then turn right on Crossover trail, up short steep hill, then turn left and get back on singletrack Jody’s Loop continuing south.  Descend back onto Crown Point Rd, and U-turn back left and north. Climb gradually up Crown Point Rd to the right turn onto Buzz Saw singletrack. Ride Buzz Saw West and then circle around continuing on Buzz Saw East.  Turn right off Buzz Saw on faint connector trail that goes through two cement blocks, left on Crown Point doubletrack and then crosses bike path, through dirt lot, across paved road – Recreation Way – and then immediate left on trail alongside paved road through Aspens which takes you over to and down the “Green Line” on Bike Park. At bottom of Green Line continue over to Day Lodge, circling up around grassy lawn where Pit Zone and Aid Station is, Finish Line and end of Lap 1.


Marathon – 6 laps, 50 miles   Relay Team – 6 laps, 50 miles
XC Cat 1, Pro – 4 laps, 33 miles (Cat 1 50+, 3 laps)
XC Cat 2 – 3 laps, 25 miles
XC Cat 3 – 2 laps, 17 miles
Cat 3 non-championship – one lap 8.25 miles
Juniors 15-18 Cat 1-2 – 2 laps, 17 miles
Juniors 15-18 Cat 3 – 1 lap, 8.25 miles
Juniors 13-14 – 1 lap, 8.25 miles
Juniors 9-12 – 1 lap,  8.25 miles

All Marathon and XC Pro, Cat 1-2

XC Pro Men and Women                                               9:00

Marathon Pro Men and Women                                  9:01

Cat 1-2 XC Men 40-49, Singlespeed                            9:03

All Marathon Men 40-49, Singlespeed                       9:05

Cat 1-2 XC Men 19-29, 30-39                                        9:07

All Marathon Men 19-29, 30-39                                    9:09

Cat 1-2 XC Men 50-59, 60+, Clydesdale                      9:11

All Marathon Men 50-59, 60+                                       9:13

All Marathon Women, Cat 1-2 XC Women all ages   9:15

Relay Teams                                                                        9:16

Kidz Race                                                           

Juniors and Non-champ Cat 3

Cat 3 Junior Boys 17-18 and Non-champ Men         1:00

Cat 3 Junior Boys 15-16                             1:01

Cat 3 Girls 17-18 and Non-champ Women       1:02

Junior Girls 15-16                     1:03

Junior Boys  13-14               1:04

Junior Girls 13-14                1:05

Junior Boys 11-12                  1:06

Junior Girls 11-12                  1:07

Junior Boys 9-10                    1:08

Junior Girls 9-10                    1:09

Cat 3 XC and Juniors 15-18 Cat 1-2


40-49                                              2:00

17-18 Cat 1,2                                   2:01

19-29, 30-39,                                 2:02

15-16 Cat 1,2                                    2:03

Men 50-59, 60+                             2:04


All Cat 3 Women and Cat 1-2 Junior Girls 15-18       2:05

2013 Battle the Bear Creek Crossing
Creek Crossing

Juniors can ‘race up in age’, meaning if they want to do a longer distance than their actual racing age category, they can enter into the age category above them. For example a rippin’ 8 year old can race in the 9-10 year old race. Or an elite 17 year old can race in the XC 19-29 race.

Pit Zone:

There will be an Aid Station every lap at the Pit Zone stocked with Kind Bars, Hammer gels, fruit and coolers of Hammer Heed and water. The course will lap through the Pit Zone on the grassy lawn where you can spread a blanket and set up tents and stage food and supplies.