Let MTBCoach help you prepare for your next Warriors Cycling event. MTBCoach offers personal coaching and pre-made training plans to help you achieve your training and racing goals as well as help guide you through preparation needed for the events. MTBCoach offers coaching, training plans and race prep for all the Warriors Cycling events from the XC races, Marathon races to the Breckenridge 100

One on One Coaching

The MTBCoach one on one coaching services provide the best coaching experience to be ready for your goal events. The one on one coaching services are an excellent choice for people that have an unpredictable schedule, or need extra guidance or accountability in their training.  

Work one-on-one with your coach to balance your dedicated personal training and racing goals with your busy schedule and lifestyle. We’ll work with you to develop an individualized path to improvement. You’ll review and analyze your training and progress with our coach each week. You’ll get feedback and recommendations on how to improve your workouts and your race strategy. MTBCoach coaching starts at $140 for each 4 weeks cycle. Read more about the MTBCoach Service

  • Online training plan developed to fit your schedule, fitness level and event goals
  • Daily email of your workouts
  • Online graphs that shows progress and training load
  • Workouts designed to work with heart rate and/or power
  • Training progress analysis and feedback
  • Pre race preparation and post race analysis
  • Nutrition guidance for proper fueling to support your workout, racing and weight loss goals
  • Help with equipment choice

Pre-Made Training Plans

The MTBCoach pre-made training plans are the most economical choice for training, best for individuals on a budget and have a flexible schedule that can follow the plan as designed. Most plans are $99. Read more on the MTBCoach Pre-Made Training Plans.

Free Resources

Visit the MTBCoach site to view free information improving your training and race preparation. There are many pages with workout suggestions, race execution, recovery, nutrition, pacing etc.

Have Questions?

If you have questions about MTBCoach or would like help picking a coaching service or training plan feel free to contact them here.