ridgeline rampage

Come out for the 9th annual spring fling on the grassy lawn at the Phillip S. Miller Amphitheater.  Bring your blanket, spread out on the lawn and cheer on the racers.

This ~12 mile circuit includes a bit of the new Phillip S. Miller trail system, as well as the old Ridgeline trails. The new Miller Activity Complex (MAC) was constructed on the hills overlooking the town of Castle Rock.  Check out everything the MAC has to offer on Town of Castle Park’s website.

The tight course winds through Gambel Oak, Ponderosa and Pinyon Pine. Designed like Battle the Bear, the neutral aid station every lap provides excellent spectating opportunities and fast racing action.

Highlights include award ceremonies, sponsor village, park activities, and the Warriors Kidz race for ages 8 and under. Shake out the legs with the entire family at this exciting new summer venue.

Start Times

All Marathon and XC Cat 1, 2, and Pro

XC Pro Men and Women                                              8:00

Marathon Pro Men and Women                                  8:01

Cat 1&2 XC Men 40-49, Singlespeed                            8:03

All Marathon Men 40-49, Singlespeed                          8:05

Cat 1&2 XC Men 19-29, 30-39                                        8:07

All Marathon Men 19-29, 30-39                                    8:09

Cat 1&2 XC Men 50-59, 60+, Clydesdale                       8:11

All Marathon Men 50-59, 60+                                       8:13

All Marathon Women and Cat 1&2 XC Women all ages     8:15

Relay Teams                                                                         8:16

Kidz Race                                                            11:00                                               

Junior Boys 9-10                                    12:30  (half lap)

Junior Girls 9-10                                    12:31   (half lap)

Cat 3 XC and Juniors – 2 laps

Cat 3 Men:

40-49                                              1:00

17-18, 19-29, 30-39,                     1:02

50-59, 60+                                    1:04

Cat 3 Women                                1:06

Junior Girls 17-18                        1:07

Junior Boys 15-16                         1:08

Junior Boys 11-14                          1:09 (one lap)

Junior Girls 11-16                          1:10  (one lap)