Cards and flowers are nice, but get mom something she really wants this year…. BIKE GEAR! Your mom is amazing, and she deserves an amazing gift. Here are outside-the-box suggestions on what to get for Mother’s Day (bike edition).

Moab bag co

Recycled Bike Tube Purse

Throw in a few tire levers with your spare change, and hit the road. A mixture of fashion and function, this minimalist bag is made of recycled bike tubes! Moab Bag Co. Makes bags in all shapes and sizes from coin purses to tool bags. Each bag is hand-made with bike tube rubber with a bright, nylon zipper.

bike chain wine rack

Bike Chain Wine Rack

Bring a little biker flare into your home without all the mud and dirt. Ethically sourced, this fair-trade wine rick is hand-made in India. If mom isn’t a big wine drinker, water bottles fit just as nicely.

shebeest mountain bike gear

Shebeest Bike Short

Finally, what women have always wanted… a lightweight mountain bike short that is actually flattering. Shebeest knows how to tailor bike clothing for women, because that is all they do. Shebeest has fun patterns and flattering cuts in all of their clothing.

Bike helmet


Nutcase Bike Helmet

Helmet hair doesn’t matter if you never want to take the helmet off. This helmet offers great protection, but with a stylish twist. Nutcase makes all types of helmets she is sure to love. Choose a pattern that fits mom’s style!


Go For a Ride!

When in doubt, pedal it out. Spend the day hitting mom’s favorite trails and spending some quality time together. Mom’s not into biking? The spend the day doing what she wants and hit the trails the other 364 days of the year. #Mothersday

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