While our cars are still being snowed in, it’s the perfect time to grab your bike!

Head to the local market for groceries, ride on a trail with your fattest of tires, or cozy up at home with an indoor regimen. No matter how you power through this winter, gear up for our four races this year.

  1. Set personal goals for distance, speed, and various other measures that can help you reach realistic milestones.
  2. Consult a coach or trainer. Assess your strengths, stay accountable, discuss gear options, goals, exercises, and more with a custom plan or utilize a structured training plan to guide your way. Visit mtbcoach.com for 50% off a training plan with our code RME19.
  3. Using the Internet; Netflix your favorite entertainment, YouTube search for a cycling class, or try out Zwift! It’s a social virtual cycling environment with over 100K of various courses and challenges that allows app integrations and real-time metrics. Here are other indoor cycling tips from Active.com.
  4. Mix up exercises at home or the gym. Strengthening the entire body and improving circulation can help reduce strain and fatigue when it comes time for leg day.
  5. Take breaks. Make sure to take time for stretching, hydration, leisure, and other self-care. Even a passionate hobbyist could experience burnout, from muscle to motivation, trying to achieve unrealistic results in a short time frame is not a recipe for success.

Regardless, enjoy your ride, and we look forward to challenging you to exceed your goals at our events!