Photo by Tomek Kaczmarek on Unsplash What happens to our bodies when we ride and race at high altitudes? If your coach has not prepared you for high altitude bike racing, then knowing the effects of altitude can help you with race day preparation. The effects of high altitude are well known and considerable. After our bodies reach around 7,000 feet above sea level, the saturation of oxyhemoglobin begins to plummet, this is known as hypoxia. While the Breckenridge 100 race begins at 9600 ft and … [Read more...]

There’s nothing wrong with a last minute decision, especially one that leaves you smiling all day.  That’s what the B32 race was for half the racers who participated in it.  Race Director, Thane Wright asked the question of last-minute-decision-makers and hands went up all around me.  I was in good company at Sunday’s Breckenridge 100.  The B32 version. This race was nothing I was prepping for and everything I could ask. Loop 2 of the B100 was the B32 course and arguably the most fun of the … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Endurance Racers we here at RME Headquarters are anxiously awaiting your arrival to Breckenridge for the  big event this weekend.  We, like all of you, get that excited energy that comes with every race!  A little bit of nerves, high expectations, and confidence in all the preparation makes for a pre-race buzz for us too. We get it! One thing at the forefront of our mind going into the weekend is that everyone has a positive experience.  No matter your … [Read more...]

Riders were greeted on Saturday with clear skies and balmy temperatures as they prepared themselves for the neutral rollout ascent up Peak 9 and the infamous snowfields over Wheeler Pass heralding the beginning of the 7th Annual Breckenridge 100. Josh Tostado, defending 6-time champion and only racer to claim the Breckenridge 100, would be challenged by the likes of Jeff Schalk (Trek), Christian Tanguy (Team CF), and Kelly Magelky (HoneyStinger/Trek/Bontrager). Loop 1 took competitors … [Read more...]

2010 Breckenridge 100 / B-68 Videos Yuki Saito was on course shooting these videos, check them out! Breckenridge 100 recap B68 recap 2010 Breckenridge 100 Race Report: As promised, the 6th Annual Breckenridge 100 tested the limits of endurance racers from all over the country pulling participants from New York, Oregon and all parts in between. On Saturday July 17th, soloists and 3 person teams competed on a grueling 100 mile, high altitude race course in Breckenridge, Colorado. The … [Read more...]